Cybersecurity Services


Your business is under attack every day. You just don’t know it. Cyberattacks cost businesses and organizations millions of dollars in ransomware demands and lost or compromised data. And the problem is growing. Protecting your business from cyberattacks should be your top concern as a business owner. Cortrucent Technologies provides a full range of cybersecurity services to protect your data assets and keep your business up and running...

Virtual CISO

Cybersecurity protection requires a combination of software, hardware, and expertise. Long-term plans can be complicated and need extensive knowledge to plan. A virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) provides the same services as a full-time executive without the high price tag and benefits. Our service is designed to make top-tier cybersecurity experts available to small, medium and enterprise organizations who need security expertise and guidance. Our team of cybersecurity experts have decades of experience building programs that align with business goals to reduce risk.


Risk Assessments and Analysis

Every business needs a cybersecurity plan. But many don’t have one or need to improve the program they have. Risk assessments review your current environment, operation and technologies and provides recommendations on how reduce your overall business risk. Our analysis services monitor and analyze data to update and enhance your existing infrastructure.


Compliance Assistance

Depending on your industry or the type of data your business handles, compliance activities can be extensive and resource intensive. Cortrucent Technologies utilizes technology and experts with years of compliance experience to perform gap assessments, audit readiness assessments and develop strategies to meet or work towards your compliance goals. If an issue does arise, our team will work with your team to meet regulatory requirements.


Cybersecurity Program Development

Cybersecurity threats rapidly evolve as hackers, and other criminals devise new ways to penetrate networks and steal data. Your cybersecurity plan needs to be updated continuously. The cybersecurity team at Cortrucent Technologies will work with you to develop and implement effective cybersecurity programs for your business that align with your business requirements. We will work with your business leaders to identify areas of risk to install the best protection and processes. We build programs that align with the following security frameworks NIST 800-53, NIST-CSF, NIST 800-171, HIPAA Security, HIPAA Privacy, HITRUST, PCI-DSS as well as many others. The key to building and managing a cybersecurity program is developing strategy and roadmap to meet key cybersecurity objectives.


Third-Party Vendor Risk Assessments

Third party risk is greater than it’s ever been and managing third party risk requires rethinking of the traditional security model. Organizations are faces with risk and compliance challenges that no longer stop at the traditional organizational boundaries. Leave your vendor risk assessments to our team of risk management experts, so you can focus on your business. Cortrucent Technologies will manage the vendor lifecycle on your behalf from performing risk assessments, collecting evidence, identifying & analyzing risks, and providing risk and remediation guidance.


Business Continuity Planning

Disasters of all types are a major risk to small businesses. From natural disasters to cyberattacks, these events can disrupt your business for days and even weeks. Could your business survive? Our expert advisors work with you to develop and implement a (COOP) business continuity plan to keep your operations running even during a major disaster. We utilize a range of solutions, including remote data backup and recovery solutions to keep your doors open.


Vulnerability Assessment

Cyber attacks use multiple strategies for breaching your network and cloud services. From phishing emails to endpoint attacked to denials of service attacks, cybercriminals can be ruthless. That’s why you need to continually monitor, assess, and develop a vulnerability strategy to remediate your IT vulnerabilities to reduce your risk. We employ 24x7x365 monitoring services and technologies to monitor, detect and respond to all cyberattacks.


User Awareness Services

Cybercriminals often use fake emails and other tactics against computer users. Employees are often the most vulnerable cracks in your IT system armor and your business’ security depends on you providing cybersecurity awareness training. Our training teams will work with your management team to provide ongoing virtual training programs to educate your users about cybersecurity risks. We will continuously monitor and analyze their behavior changes based on the education provided and Cortrucent Technologies will adjust education based on the employees’ weaknesses.


Penetration and Application Testing

One way to prevent cyberattacks is to test your own people, processes, and IT systems. This process is referred to as penetration and application testing. This is the process of using ethical hackers to test your system’s weak points to prevent future attacks. Whether it’s internal or external, white-box or black-box, penetration uncovers critical issues and demonstrates how well your network and assets are protected. Because we think and act like an attacker, you can discover vulnerabilities and remediate them before they are used to attack your organization. We make sure you understand the vulnerabilities in your environment, and we recommend remediation strategies.


Data, Application, Email, Cloud Security

A complete cybersecurity plan requires protecting data, applications, email, people, and cloud services on an ongoing basis. This formidable challenge is best handled by a combination of software, hardware, years of experience and expert services. Cortrucent Technologies will work with your business leadership team to assess your risks and develop a comprehensive strategy for keeping your business safe and operational.