Strategic IT Services

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Building and maintaining a well-designed IT infrastructure is a critical function for the growing small business. Often, business leaders disregard IT until there is a crisis. At Cortrucent Technologies, we work with you to develop strategic plans to enable your business to grow by adopting innovative technologies and processes.

Enterprise IT Transformation

It is challenging to stay current in our ever-changing business climate. Business owners need to be ahead of the competition to stay relevant and have a competitive advantage. You always need to stay one-step ahead of the competition. You need to know what emerging technologies to adopt, how to deliver exceptional measurable results to stay ahead of the curve. To make these highly complex decisions, you need an advisor to help you understand the emerging IT technologies and best practices. Cortrucent provides the strategic direction you need to ensure you are ready to meet these challenges.


Workflow Optimization

Business workflows are also known as procedures or operations. Optimizing and automating workflows help your business work more productively and reduce costs. Our business process experts can design, implement, test and analyze optimized workflows.


Business Process Reengineering

Business process engineering is the fundamental restructuring of your essential business processes. It’s starting from a blank page. This type of strategic planning requires a multi-step approach to analyze and develop new ways of thinking. Cortrucent advisors will work with you to facilitate the reengineering process to achieve your long-term business goals.


Team Leadership & Development

Every business needs strong leadership to grow. It is often challenging to find the right leaders outside the organization, so developing an internal resource and investing in employees can be the most cost-effective way to expand your business. Cortrucent Technologies will work with you to develop your future IT leaders by providing comprehensive training and career development services.


Virtual CISO

Finding and paying for a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is often difficult for a small business. Their skills and knowledge about information security are in demand, and these senior-level executives often ask for six-figure salaries. A virtual CISO (vCISO) is a seasoned CISO professional who works for you on a part-time basis. They often work remotely and require a smaller investment than their full-time counterparts.


Virtual CIO

A virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) works with small business owners leveraging technology to increase revenue and improve information technology systems and business processes. They analyze and suggest improvements to business processes and workflows while offering ways to save money through automation. Our virtual CIOs work on a fractional, remote basis at a fraction of a full-time CIO’s salary.


Virtual CTO

The virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO) leads the development of new technology products sold by the company. The VCTO can lead your product development team, work with customers to understand their business requirements and direct the testing and go-to-market process.