Managed IT Services

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Cortrucent Technologies provides a full range of managed IT services for businesses of all types. Our senior expert engineers act as virtual executives providing the same advice as a full-time CIO without the same price tag. Our dedicated and professional IT engineers employ a range of services from technology assessments, engineering and support services to cybersecurity services...

Fully or Co-Managed

We fit our IT managed services to match your business needs. If you already have an IT manager or department, our engineering team can supplement their efforts to provide virtual co-managed IT services. If you currently do not have an internal team, we provide full-service IT management to fit your needs and budget.

Business Risk Assessments

Cyberattacks, natural disasters and other risks can interrupt or even close your business. Understanding what those risks are and how to respond to them requires a detailed business risk assessment. Cortrucent’s experienced cybersecurity advisors will sit down with your senior management team to assess and analyze different risks and how they affect your unique IT operations.

Technology Strategy and Roadmaps

Technology projects require strategy and advanced planning. Our IT experts have years of experience developing detailed IT strategies and roadmaps that align to your business objectives to implement new technologies and processes.

Virtual CIO

Every business needs experienced professionals to develop long-term strategies and goals for each aspect of the company. A Chief Information Officer (CIO) provides this type of direction for enterprises and larger organizations. While smaller firms still require a CIO, they may not have a budget for a full-time executive. A virtual CIO provides the same advice at a fraction of the cost.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing services can provide many advantages to small businesses. They do not require you to purchase expensive networking or storage equipment in advance. Instead, you use networks provided by third-party services to host and maintain your IT needs. Cloud computing also helps you collaborate with remote employees and customers. Cortrucent Technologies will help you set-up and manage cloud computing services so you can focus on growing your business.

Datacenter Services

On-premise datacenters require ongoing monitoring, maintenance and upgrades. A lot of these services can be handled by remote operation teams or by an in-house engineer. Cortrucent Technologies has extensive experience managing and servicing datacenters and will take the day-to-day management of these services off your hands.

Data Connectivity

Your business relies on software to manage your daily operations. From marketing to sales to accounting and manufacturing, data needs to travel between these applications to keep your business running. Integrating and controlling the flow of data requires programming and data knowledge to ensure ongoing operations. Cortrucent engineers and developers can set-up and manage data connectivity between software applications and other cloud services.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Business continuity is the practice of protecting IT resources to keep your business functioning at all times. Data backup and disaster recovery planning ensure your data and applications can be restored quickly in the case of a business interruption event.

Project Management

IT projects often require a lot of advanced planning and coordination. Cortrucent Technologies project managers provide expert event coordination and planning to ensure projects stay on schedule and within budget.

Full-Service Helpdesk

Everybody needs a helping hand from time to time, especially your employees and technology and software users. No issue is too small for our virtual remote and on-site full-service helpdesk team to handle. From password resets to new software installation, our friendly and prompt service representatives will quickly resolve your problems so you can keep working.