Managed Cybersecurity Services

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Cyberattacks threaten all businesses, especially small ones. Having an active and effective security program to protect, manage, detect and respond to threats is critical for your business. Demand for cybersecurity professionals is very high and salaries can approach six figures. Cortrucent Technologies provides 24/7/365 cybersecurity services to protect your infrastructure and data from all types of cyberattacks...

Vulnerability Management

As your business and IT infrastructure grows, so does your attack surface. A true vulnerability management program requires time and resources to prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities to your business. Cortrucent Technologies vulnerability management program was developed to offload the day-to-day operations to our vulnerability experts. It is an ongoing process as compared to a one-time review. Vulnerability management goes beyond identifying vulnerabilities and threats but must also prioritize which vulnerabilities and threats are critical to optimize remediation to reduce risk. Cortrucent uses a combination of sophisticated software tools, ongoing monitoring services, and cybersecurity expertise to proactively keep business networks and data secure.


MPDR Managed Protection, Detection, & Response

Protecting your IT infrastructure and data is a full-time job. The Cortrucent Managed Protection, Detection and Response service monitors your entire network and IT system for cyber threats, and detects threats earlier enabling faster analysis and responding with actionable guidance to those threats as soon as they appear. Our services include a combination of sophisticated technology experienced security experts and a 24/7/365 operations team to manage the attack response.


User Awareness Education

Many cyberattacks target company users through social engineering and phishing emails. Users need the training and education to recognize and ignore or report these types of threats. This process is critical to all size businesses and remote workforces. Cortrucent works with IT leaders, human resources, and employee training leaders in providing this type of education to enable behavior change.


EDR Endpoint Detection & Response

Every business needs experienced professionals to develop long-term strategies and goals for each aspect of the company. A Chief Information Officer (CIO) provides this type of direction for enterprises and larger organizations. While smaller firms still require a CIO, they may not have a budget for a full-time executive. A virtual CIO provides the same advice at a fraction of the cost.


Virtual CISO

A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) designs and implements the cybersecurity strategy and response efforts on a part-time or full-time basis. Cortrucent security experts work with your internal IT team or senior management to implement and review company security processes. Our virtual CISO’s hold a number of industry certifications along with 20+ years experience leading security programs.


Firewall Management

If your company has an on-premises network or cloud network, you use firewalls to restrict and regulate data flow in and out of your organization. Cortrucent employs firewall management best practices to monitor and manage the devices to keep your business safe from cyber threats. Our firewall management program will help your organization satisfy compliance requirements, protect against threats and offload the daily day-to-day firewall management to our experience’s security experts.