Data Management and Analytics

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Modern businesses generate and store extensive amounts of data every day. Data management and analytics services from Cortrucent Technologies help business owners and data professionals manage and access critical data generated different platforms, including but not limited to e-commerce, online business, industrial processes and financial transactions. Our data experts can provide strategic direction, create data models and optimize your business intelligence and data analytics processes...

ETL - Extract, Transform & Load

The first step in collecting and analyzing data is called extract, transform and load (ETL). Data is extracted from multiple sources, such as spreadsheets and databases. After extraction, data needs to be transformed into a common format and then loaded into a data analysis or business intelligence application.


Database Modeling

A data model is a visual representation of the environment and lifecycle of the data within an organization. Cortrucent Technologies creates models using symbols, illustrations, and flowcharts to describe and organize data through any process. Data modeling streamlines integrations as well as assists in compliance. Data models tell the story of the technical implementations of physical data.


Enterprise Data Strategy

Data is an essential asset for organizations of every size. An enterprise data strategy provides a framework for using data and includes a data strategy document, data type definitions and data governance policies. Cortrucent Technologies will work with your executive team to develop an effective data strategy and roadmap.


Integration Services

Sharing data between different software applications allows organizations to streamline processes and eliminate non-essential data entry tasks. Data integrations between enterprise applications are often complex, requiring extensive data mapping and development work. Cortrucent Technologies will coordinate your integration needs by managing the data design and development processes.


Business Intelligence Audit

Companies spend thousands of dollars on business intelligence solutions and spend considerable time setting up the applications. Often, the business intelligence systems aren’t utilized to their full potential. Cortrucent Technologies is platform agnostic and places your business needs first. Our business intelligence audit will review and assess your current BI solution and make recommendations to improve utilization and return-on-investment.


Advisory Services

Cortrucent data experts provide expert advisory services to answer specific data questions and develop effective data usage and analysis strategies. Our advisors have years of experience diagnosing and solving data management problems for businesses in technology, healthcare, manufacturing and other industries.


Data Cleansing

Transactional and customer data degrades over time, affecting the quality of your data warehouse. Bad data reduces the accuracy and effectiveness of data analysis and can cause leaders to make bad decisions. Our data cleansing services will remove incorrect and outdated data, append existing records and fill in missing data where necessary.


Data Governance

To maintain good data practices, businesses need to create and follow data governance policies to comply with business reporting and government regulations. Regulations like HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA require defined governance policies and reporting requirements to remain in compliance. Since these data policies often have legal consequences, our experts will work with your legal and IT team to create data governance policies and best practices.


Data Analytics

Data analytics is the process of gathering, analyzing and reporting on data to improve business processes and outcomes. Data is produced by many customer-facing, manufacturing and other procedures. Connected devices and sensors (aka IoT) automatically transmit data related to manufacturing, while eCommerce applications generate customer data critical to revenue generation. Cortrucent data analytic services will ensure data is being effectively collected and analyzed.


Data Visualization

Data visualization is the process of creating a translating data into actionable information. This is done by displaying a visual representation that communicates an easy-to-understand story between the end user and the data. Cortrucent will develop dashboards and other tools to clearly and concisely present your data analytics and business intelligence results.